Study visit to Croatia

The third out of four planned study visits took place, giving the opportunity for Ukrainian human rights specialists to learn EU best practice. With full financial support from the EU, 10 representatives of the Secretariat of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights studied the Croatian experience on the use of instruments for human rights restoration during the study visit to Zagreb on 5-9 February 2018. The Ukrainian delegation had the chance to meet the representatives of the Croatian Ombud institutions and leading human rights-related bodies. 

The participants of the study visit paid a particular attention to the activity of the Information Commissioner. It is an independent public authority, responsible for the right to information that also initiated establishment in Croatia of a special platform for public consultations.

The Ukrainian delegation noted the positive effects of such platform, emphasizing that nowadays all decisions related to public interest in Croatia are adopted following the public consultations. This contributes to higher trust from society to public administration and facilitates including a number of useful comments and expert opinion to a new piece of legislation.

The Information Commissioner proved to be effective not only in Croatia, but also in other EU countries.  The participants of the study visit admitted that the Ukrainian society will undoubtedly benefit from establishment of a relevant specialized administrative body.  The information Commissioner will ensure more effective the observance of the right to information thus contributing to better transparency and accountability of public bodies which is vital for democratic society.


We thank to our Croatian colleagues and Lithuanian partners for hospitality, perfect organization and great experience!