9 new tools will help to ensure better monitoring and prevention of human rights violations

On 24 January the EU experts from Lithuanian and Austrian human rights-related institutions presented the newly developed toolkit to ensure better monitoring and prevention of human rights violations.

New methodologies and guidelines are designed to increase the efficiency of human rights monitoring in the areas of personal data protection, access to public information and antidiscrimination.

“At the moment we have the opportunity to get the practical document which will help us to monitor human rights, in particular in the area of personal data protection, in accordance with European standards. I hope that the new human rights monitoring methodologies and instruments will serve us as a guide to raise the standards for the observance of the right to privacy”,  says Iryna Bisyk, Head of the Department for personal data protection at the Secretariat of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights

All 9 documents are available at our Studies and recommendations section:

  1. General Instrument: Framework for Implementation of Monitoring Functions
  2. Methodology for Evaluation of Draft Legal Acts from the Perspective of Personal Data Protection
  3. Guidelines on the Procedure of Giving Methodological Advises/Consultations on Data Protection
  4. Guidelines and Checklist on Video Surveillance for Data Controllers of Public and Private Sector
  5. Info sheet for employers: How to avoid discrimination in job advertisements
  6. Methodology on Assessment (Review) of Draft Legal Acts for Compliance with the Anti-discrimination Law
  7. Guidelines on Preparation of Expert Anti-discrimination Opinion (Amicus Curiae) for Courts
  8. Checklist for Implementing Field Monitoring Visits on Discrimination
  9. Guidelines for Civil Servants on Balancing Privacy and Access to Public Information