Training of trainers: EU experts give a 5-day course to develop competent trainers for the Ombuds staff

This week Lithuanian experts train 15 representatives of the Ombudsman office. The workshop aims at developing competent trainers and building the capacity to design and deliver the training programmes in the most efficient way.

Future trainers are involved into interactive training sessions on methodology of adult teaching, psychological skills, human rights and rule of law approach. Participants will have an opportunity to step into the role of the trainer and get a feedback to better understand their strongest trainer qualities and the guidelines on how to improve them. Future trainers will get the video record of their performance and will be able to have a closer look at it when convenient.

Later, in autumn, the trained trainers will deliver the pilot trainings for the staff of the Ombudsperson’s office in the areas of data protection, equal rights and non-discrimination, access to public information.