Start of pilot trainings at the Ombudsman office

3-day course;

12 trained trainers from the Ukrainian Ombud office and 6 trainers from the EU human rights institutions;

60 participants from the Ombud office;

4 major topics: right to good administration, access to public information, personal data protection, antidiscrimination.


After a 5-day course conducted to develop competent trainers in May 2018, the trained trainers are now stepping into the role of trainers and are starting the pilot trainings for the representatives of the Secretariat.

The idea of the pilot trainings is to give an opportunity to the trained trainers to fine-tune their skills and take full responsibility for their performance and the outcome of the conducted pilot training courses. EU experts are present at the trainings and ready to provide support whenever needed, but will not play an active role in the trainings.

Trained trainers have designed and planned their programs on 4 major topics: right to good administration; access to public information; personal data protection; antidiscrimination.

All in all, over 60 participants will be trained during the 3 days of trainings.

Applying the acquired skills and using the curricula developed by the EU Twinning experts (26 programs overall) Ukrainian trainers are building the capacity for conducting future trainings for the staff of the Secretariat and external partners.