Twinning Ombudsman Closing Conference

On December 7, the Secretariat of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights and the team of Lithuanian and Austrian partners hosted the closing ceremony to mark the finalisation of the 2-year EU-funded Twinning Ombudsman Project.

This project aimed at strengthening the effectiveness of the Ukrainian Ombudsperson institution. Strong institution means better protected human rights, and to make it strong the legislation should be changed in the first place. To achieve this, EU experts helped Ukrainian partners to improve legislation on human rights protection.

What has been done already? The EU project has developed the new draft Law on Ombudsperson – the basic law regulating activities of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights.

What has to be done now? There should be a political will to adopt the new law. Once adopted, the Ombudsperson institution will receive stronger instruments to protect human rights, in particular, by applying to courts to review the legality of the secondary legislation and imposing sanctions.

Another outdated law which should go is the Law on Personal Data Protection. Ukraine has undertaken to modernize its data protection legislation in the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.

What has been done already? Twinning experts developed the amendments bringing the new draft in line with the EU standards and the new General Data Protection Regulation.

What has to be done now? The process of adoption should get started. Once adopted, the new law will ensure adequate protection of data and privacy for Ukrainian people.

Besides providing legal expertise, EU Twinning also sets out the roadmap that will help the Ukrainian Ombudsperson implement internal transformations step-by-step – introduce modern practices and methodologies into daily work and benefit from the developed training system.

“The Ombudsperson institution in Ukraine is 20 years old. No matter what the initial concept was behind the establishment of this institution, modernization is needed. I’m very grateful to the Twinning Project for the recommendations. Take them as they are and just implement! That is my idea of what we should do with the recommendations,” Lyudmyla Denisova, the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights, said.